Sharmat Psychiatric Group is founded upon the following principles:

  • To provide Collaborative and Innovative Care to patients through a methodology that aims to better identify and treat the underlying factors and genetic profiles that adversely affect mental health.
  • To accelerate recovery via targeted assessment protocols and diagnostic¬†genetic testing tools that assist in the formulation of a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Sharmat has pioneered a structured, in-depth, intake process that forms the basis of a patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Sharmat’s evaluation may be utilized as a second opinion for patients under the established care of an external psychiatrist or as a starting point for those beginning their treatment with a new psychiatrist.

Patients seeking psychiatric care may also choose to work with a Psychiatric Associate within the Sharmat Psychiatric Group. The Group’s collaborative team structure is optimized to provide quality ongoing care under Dr. Sharmat’s prescribed treatment plan but at more patient-affordable rates.

By utilizing this integrated approach to treatment, Dr. Sharmat can provide expert diagnosis at the highest level while offering a scalable model to treat patients in a cost effective and results-oriented manner.