Sharmat Psychiatric Group has had the pleasure of working with the following providers in the community and can recommend them without hesitation.

Grant H. Brenner, MD

Dr. Brenner is an excellent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a broad and deep fund of knowledge. We trust his work completely. For more information, please peruse his informative website or call him directly at 212-673-2099.

Joseph Budenholzer MA, CCAR

Joseph is an outstanding case manager, recovery coach, and meditation instructor who offers a holistic, highly individualized approach to clients who struggle with multiple addictions, trauma, and depression. He is also program director at Avenues NYC sober living in TriBeCa and can provide details about that program. Call him directly at 646-703-2513 or email: [email protected].

Rene Collins

If you want to deepen your spiritual practice, learn meditation, study cosmology and understand spiritual science and its practical life application, connect with Rene. He is based in L.A. and works via Skype or phone session. He also travels to New York frequently and is available for sessions in-person there when he does. Connect with him via Phone: 347-419-3584, Email: [email protected], or Facebook:

John Crepsac, LCSW, ICADC

John is a psychotherapist with over twenty years of experience in the fields of mental health and substance abuse and provides a personalized approach to all of his clients. He has a boutique clinical practice in Manhattan and also runs the PURE Recovery program in Long Island City. Call him directly at 917-204-4357.

Cindy Feinberg and The Recovery Coach, LLC

Cindy is a diamond in the rough. She brings compassion and experience together with drive and intelligence to make a big difference with her clientele. She’s a straight-shooter who doesn’t hesitate to refer when something is outside of her scope and she’s extremely competent with what is inside her scope. It’s never a wrong decision to call Cindy first. You can read about her program at The Recovery Coach.

Paul Gallant and Primary Recovery Services

Paul is a leader in the interventionist field. He has proven to be a skilled and reliable expert time and time again. It has always been a pleasure collaborating with him to get loved ones into treatment. He can be reached at 800-276-1975 or at his website.

Tim Lee and New York Pathways

Tim, Lisa, Sean, Andrea, John and the rest of the team do an incredible job of assessing people with out of control sex and love behaviors and treating both them and their affected families. Utilizing a combination of addiction, trauma, attachment disorder, and relationship restoration approaches, they help heal individuals and help affected family members find a way forward. It is a pleasure collaborating with them. Reach them here:

Gregory Koufacos, MA LCADC

Gregory excels at taking a comprehensive view of a family and understanding what that family needs to improve its interconnecting relationships. He also does intensive work one-on-one that can be transformative. Call him at 973-615-4308 and look at his website at

Brad Lamm and Breathe Life Healing Centers

Brad and his wonderful staff at Breathe have taken a unique angle to helping people with mental health, addiction, and eating disorders. They start with the person, identify a goal, and then go to work adding and removing the necessary elements to help the person make progress towards those goals. Where we might envision an ideal treatment plan for a patient, they make it a reality. We are always enthused to work with them and see the creative solutions that we come up with to help people who are suffering. You can call them at 800-929-5904 and check out their websites: – –

Ross Levin, PhD

Dr. Levin is a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep disorders and the psychology of sleep.

Upper West Side location. Please visit his website for contact information and more:

Cara Mendelow, PhD

We have had the pleasure of sharing patients with Dr. Mendelow. She brings a comprehensive approach and deep understanding of psychological issues. She excels with our more complicated patients and shares our enthusiasm for helping people get well. She has a practice in Murray Hill and you can find more info here:

Danielle Porto, LCSW, CASAC, CGP

We have had the pleasure of sharing patients with Danielle and find her to be caring, thoughtful, and professional in regard to her patients. She definitely gets the “big picture,” can imagine a better future for her clients and is active in making that future a reality. She has offices in Chelsea, NYC and Garden City, NY.  You can call her directly at (516) 727-0780.

Jason Rudolph, Psy.D.

Dr. Rudolph is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships as well as compulsive behaviors.

Grand Central Terminal location. Phone: (917)750-8400. Website: Dr. Jason Rudolph.

Trevor Shevin and Sterling Recovery Services

Trevor and his team are tremendous forces in the recovery field. They act fast and effectively to help a person or family in crisis and they go the extra mile to make sure that the plan is comprehensive and forward thinking. It has consistently been a pleasure sharing clients with them. You can reach them at 800-807-8213 or via their website.

David Sitt, Psy.D.

Dr. Sitt is an energetic and passionate psychologist who incorporates his skills of CBT, meditation, mindfulness, and executive function training to bring about successful change in people living with the challenges of ADHD/ADD, technology addiction and mood/anxiety disorders. It has been our pleasure to support the work that he does. He can be reached at (212) 710-2660 and via his Website.

Sober Companions

The team at Sober Companions is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals. They look at each client as an individual person and match the right resources to their client’s needs. We know when we see a call coming in from them that we’re going to have a creative and enthusiastic meeting-of-the-minds. Check out their website.